Good Teacher

Teaching is known to be a noble profession that helps shape the future of a lot of individuals. Teachers gain a lot of gratification by passing on knowledge and education to children. However, it is not an easy task being a teacher because this profession requires lots of patience as dealing with students can be challenging.

There are also numerous requirements that teachers need to meet so as to finish their college education. They involve things like classes to take, examinations, lesson plans and student teaching. Below are some distinctive qualities that a qualified and good teacher possesses:

They care about their studentsfthgfjhgfjkghk

Most students give their best performance when they know that the person they are working for cares about them and their welfare. A good teacher should make sure that each student knows that he/she cares. They should do simple things like meeting students at the door in the morning and greeting them as they walk into class. This creates some connection between the teacher and students.

They are well prepared

Good teachers are well organized and ready to teach immediately when the students are in class. They should ensure that their teaching material is always ready when needed, and this should be prepared a week ahead of time. The teacher should make copies and file them in a place that he/she will be able to access with ease. When the copies are made ahead of time, the teacher won’t be late in teaching in case the copy machine will be in use by other teachers at the time the copies are needed. A disorganized teacher will have a negative impact on his/her students.


A good teacher should be able to motivate his/her students to make their own notes and projects. He or she should divide the students into groups when working on a project because this will teach them how to do teamwork thus encouraging togetherness and unity. When the students write notes on their own instead of picking them from a book, they will be able to memorize the formulas and definitions more.


vfdzhjfgjngfxjGood teachers are always reflecting on his/her teaching. When they are finished with a lesson, they will take some time and reflect on what parts of the lesson went smoothly and what parts were challenging. They take notes to remember when they will teach the challenging part again and what changes they will need to make.