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How to prepare for an examination

Mildred Weakley/ December 30, 2016/ examination

A lot of people always get nervous, full of fear, and restless when a school exam approaches due to lack of enough preparation. Some students might even protest when an exam is around the corner, and it might become worse if it the teachers gives a surprise exam. But exams are a norm in education, and they should not worry you or make you uncomfortable.

Students should know that exams are inevitable and they should learn to have a positive perception of them and appreciate them as an integral part of their learning process. All a student needs is proper preparation, and everything else will fall into place.

Below are some tips to guide students on how to prepare for an examination:

Create a studying timetable

It is vital to create a timetable for yourself beforedrdfhgkbkbnln you begin studying for an exam. The timetable must contain all the subjects that you are undertaking. You should make sure that you allocate more time to subjects that are challenging to you and less time to those that you are confident in. Ensure that you give yourself some time to rest too.

Prepare ahead of time

The best and appropriate way to prepare for an examination is embarking on it as early as possible. Read your notes early to be familiar with the content that you have learned and also to boost your confidence when facing the examination. Last minute studying will confuse you and make you panic because most students opt to cram their notes out of desperation.

Choose an appropriate environment

Ensure that you choose an environment that is suitable for studying. A calm and serene location is ideal for reading. The environment should make you feel relaxed and at ease so as to allow you to put your entire focus on your studies. Concentrate on one subject only and keep away learning material from other subjects. It is suitable to study early in the morning because the environment will be quiet and conducive.

Write down small notes

tftygbhkjnlkWhen doing your studying have a notebook around and make sure that you make small notes. This is meant to make you remember all the details about the subject you are reading on.

An excellent set of notes should comprise of vital formula and also numbers as well as some relevant points. This notes will be helpful and very beneficial to you if you go through them in the final hours before you begin your examination.…